Pulau Pasaran is a center for anchovy and salted fish production with an area of 13 hectares that supplies fish throughout Lampung. This island, which is inhabited by more than 1,500 people or 354 families, has the potential to be developed into a city tourism area through sustainable coastal area management. However, in 2021, waste generation on Pulau Pasaran will reach 2,864 kg per week or around 149,000 kg per year due to the imbalance between the high amount of waste produced and the low amount of waste being managed, as well as the absence of access to pick-up and waste processing. As a result, waste on Pulau Pasaran has not been managed properly so that it pollutes the waters around Pasaran Island and hinders the optimization of the development of Pulau Pasaran into a tourist area.

What We Want to Achieve?

The Pasaran Wawai program aims to empower the people of Pulau Pasaran by implementing a coastal waste management with circular economy concepts so as to reduce land and ocean pollution in Pulau Pasaran and provide economic benefits to the local community.

This program is expected to encourage collaboration among stakeholders from various sectors to help achieve targets, namely changing behavior in managing waste, implementing inorganic waste pick-up and collection services, and providing green jobs for local communities throughout the solution chain.


Integrated Environmental Education

Focused on changing the behavior of the people at Pulau Pasaran. This involves educating households and MSMEs on how to reduce waste pollution, improve waste management sorting practices, and process organic waste.

Digital Waste Pick-up Platform

Initiation of a digital waste pick-up platform to facilitate the collection and transportation of waste to RINDU (Rumah Inovasi Daur Ulang or Recycling Innovation House) – a waste management site, waste bank, and a 3R temporary garbage shelter.

Provision of Waste Recycling Technology

Organic waste composting processed at the source location, and the upcycling of residual low-value plastic waste into roster products (concrete ventilation) at the RINDU waste processing site.


Social Impact

We are educating the local community on waste management to change their habits and reduce waste.

Environmental Impact

To create a real impact on the environment, we are committed to continuously increase the amount of waste transported and processed from Pasaran Island.

Economic Impact

Not only focusing on reducing waste, we also participate in recycling waste to create a sustainable economic impact.




Impact Report
Pilot Project 1 - Lampung 2022

Thank you for your enthusiasm towards our impact project in several cities in Indonesia. To find out more about our journey in Pilot Project 1 - Lampung 2022, you can read our Impact Report.

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