Do You Know About Tallo?

Tallo is a sub-district in the coastal area of ​​Makassar City, inhabited by 148,228 people, most of whom work as fishermen and ship builders. This sub-district which has an area of ​​8.75 km2 is a tourist destination because it has a recreational waterfront area and a cultural heritage site in the form of the tombs of the kings of Tallo.

In 2021, Tallo District is one of five sub-districts experiencing a clean water crisis in Makassar based on data from PDAM Makassar City. Tallo is also a sub-district which has villages highly prone to drought in Makassar, especially during the dry season. This is due to the uneven distribution of water by the pipeline network and the unstable quantity and poor quality supply of well water.

The lack of access to clean water has led to households having to bear the economic burden of spending IDR 200,000-300,000 per month to get access to clean water. The lack of clean water and health and sanitation practices within the community has also led to diseases related to bacteria and viruses.

What We Want to Achieve?

In Makassar, especially in the Tallo District, the Catalyst Changemaker Ecosystem launched a pilot project entitled “Makassar Je'ne Tallasa” to create a healthy Tallo community. This mutual cooperation project combines innovative technologies that harvests and filters rainwater along with education that builds self-sufficient communities. The project aims to provide Tallo residents with a free and easily accessible source of clean water.

To achieve the goals set by the “Makassar Je'ne Tallasa” project, our changemakers have implemented three different solutions as one system.

Our Solutions

Education on Water Access Management

Education and campaigns on clean water, maintenance of water storage and treatment systems, as well as inducing behavior change to maintain clean and healthy water and sanitation so that the people can be independent in maintaining clean and healthy water for their community.

Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Collaborating with Tametotto technology from Japan in the form of an underground rainwater harvesting tank. This technology can be built quickly, uses local materials, and has a large capacity, namely 160,500 liters of water so that it can meet the clean water needs of 330-440 families at full capacity.

Provision of Water Filtration Technology

Provide water filtration technology using Terra ceramic pots that are made using local clay. With the ability to filter 2 liters of water per hour, Terra has proven itself to be capable of producing safe drinking water.

Impact Progress

Social Impact

This technology was built in the parking lot of the ​​King of Tallo's Tomb which is only 100 meters from the community, closer than the previous water source. This allows members of the community to save travel time compared to trips to the previous water source point, thus providing opportunities to carry out productive activities such as economic and educational activities.

Environmental Impact

The Rain Water Collection infrastructure, with a volume of 208 m3, is estimated to be able to meet the clean water needs of 100 families per day, provided the tank is fully filled with stable rainwater.

Economic Impact

Clean rainwater is harvested, treated and filtered into safe drinking water can save each household IDR 200,000-300,000 per month.

Our Targets

Over 100 households

provided with decent drinking water & clean water

37 schools

provided with drinking water

75% households

improve their water treatment behaviour

Our Initiator

Our Changemakers

Our Partners