Implementing Solutions
On the Ground

The pilot project is the real action post the Catalyst Changemakers Lab (CCL) where we prototype the changemakers' combined force consisting of the Startups' technologies and Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs’) community development programs into ecosystem-driven innovations on the ground.

The Pilot Project focuses on bringing ecosystem-driven innovations to life. Combining technological expertise of Startups with community development programs of CSOs, changemakers are given the opportunity to implement and prototype their collaborative solutions on the ground in targeted locations.

Pilot Project 2022

In 2022, we have launched our first round of pilot projects implemented by three groups of Catalyst Changemakers Ecosystem 2021:


Bandar Lampung

We were able to create a circular waste management system to prevent waste leakage into the ocean in Pulau Pasaran, Bandar Lampung.



We were able to implement an integrated zero run-off technology to reduce the risk of hydrometeorological disasters in Meteseh, Semarang.



We were able to implement rainwater harvesting and filtration technology to provide drinking water access to the underserved community in Tallo, Makassar.