Are you a tech startup or a Civil Society Organization (CSOs) that is committed to improving water access and building resilience against hydro-meteorological disasters in your community?





Do you have an innovation that you have prototyped in your startup and are looking to improve or expand to other locations?

Has run for minimum 1 year

Have a legal entity when selected for the pilot project

Have water-related product or technology that can be deployed in targeted pilot cities.


Have you always wanted to improve the water access in your community? We are looking for CSO with the following criteria:

Has run for minimum 1 year

Have a legal entity when selected for the pilot project

Have community empowerment program that has / can be implemented in targeted pilot cities


Must be able to attend all CORE modules and commit to the duration of the CCL.

Willing to collaborate with the other participants from across different sectors

Willing to share the innovation impact for the IoT platform


From the registration process until the end of this program there will be no cost required. However, you are still expected to provide your own computer and internet connection for all sessions that will be held remotely.

All CCL sessions will be organized virtually.

CCL sessions are held three times a week during office hours on weekdays with a duration of 2-3 hours per session.

If your organization is a startup with water-related intervention and/or technology ready to be deployed in one of the pilot locations, you can submit your innovation! For CSOs, we have a preference for those with operations in Semarang, Bandar Lampung, and Makassar. But you are still eligible for the CCL if you are operating outside those 3 pilot cities as long as you can show that your interventions can be replicated there.

For now, CCL is only open to submissions for Indonesian startups or CSOs. However, if you are the changemakers from abroad, you can still contact us at catalyst@anakbangsabisa.org to find other collaboration opportunities.

If your innovation is selected to be implemented into a pilot project, your organization must have legal status by March 2022.

A different person may represent each selected organization, but only the founders or senior-level team relevant to the session may be represented. Selected organizations are required to inform the representative profile prior to the session.

Both the startups and CSOs will get to know one another better during the CCL sessions. The decision to partner must be mutually agreed upon.

The CCL provides funding opportunities only for the implementation of the selected innovations on pilot projects in Semarang, Bandar Lampung, and Makassar. However, the CCL also provides connections to participants with strategic partners programs to provide assistance beyond the CCL.

We are looking for ecosystem-driven solutions that can combine startup water related technologies with CSO community activation and empowerment programs. For cohort 1, we will be focusing on Semarang, Bandar Lampung and Makassar. Solutions by startups should ideally be ready for deployment by April 2022. For CSOs, you should have community enablement programs and preferably operational teams in selected pilot cities.

Your organization will still be connected to the Catalyst Changemakers Alumni Network and updated on various events or other opportunities

We are aware of the COVID-19 situation that may affect pilot project implementation. Therefore, we prioritize the startups that are close to the selected pilot project location and CSOs must have a community empowerment program operations and team in the selected pilot project location to minimize travel. All pilot project implementations must comply with health protocols.