Disaster Relief

When disasters strike, communities rise up.

With at least 1,500 natural disasters occurring every year, Indonesia has one of the highest natural disaster rates in the world. Despite the propensity, communities across the archipelagic country continue to build back after each disaster.

We nurture this resilience and courage by responding to emergencies while respecting communities.

2021 saw numerous challenges from storms to floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The highlights below are two of the efforts that were undertaken as a group.

Peduli Sulbar School Rehabilitation

As a result of a crowdfunding effort and a collaboration with local stakeholders to rebuild a school in the wake of the Mamuju & Majene earthquake, we helped 119 PAUD children and 10 teachers to return to school.

Mount Semeru Eruption On-Ground Relief

Within 4 days of the disaster with our GoTo communities and partners, we distributed more than 40,000 supplies to provide on-ground support.

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