Generasi GIGIH is designed by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa and GoTo as a solution for young tech talents of Indonesia to keep up with the fast-growing technology industry.

Through competency training and the right way of thinking, we aim to produce critical and gritty tech talent that are built to be resilient to challenges and increase their leverage in talent market competition.

This program is created to help accelerate digital transformation as well as make technology a carrier of positive change in Indonesia.

Generasi GIGIH, transcend the limitations to create an impact.


Latest and Complete Competencies
Complete technical and non-technical competency packages so that participants are ready-to-work to the latest industry needs.

Future-ready Curriculum
Fundamental technology curriculum to meet today's challenges and future technological developments.

Mindset Transformation
Socratic and flipped learning methods that train participants to have the right and critical mindset.

Work experience
The opportunity to experience the world of work through internships or work offers from industrial partners.


Learn technical competencies, soft skills, English, created by industry experts.

Backend, frontend, and data learning, facilitated directly by Product Engineers and Data Heroes from GoTo and Industry partners.

Opportunity to get paid internship experience in industry partners or work on capstone projects to generate innovation.

Get certification from Generasi GIGIH to maximize opportunities to work in industry partners.

This program worth Rp. 15 million can be obtained for free through the collaboration of Generasi GIGIH and Kampus Merdeka.

For Studi Independen participants, this program can be converted with 20 credits in even semesters.


  • Can commit to learning on weekdays for at least 12 hours per week according to schedule and assignments.
  • Not currently working in any form (internship/contract/part-time/permanent), and not currently following a similar technology study program
  • Have computer access and internet connection

  • 2021 graduate from any vocational school or university in Indonesia

  • Active students in semesters 5-8 at universities in Indonesia who are registered with PDDikti

    *All prospective participants who register either through Generasi GIGIH platform or Kampus Merdeka, will continue to undergo the same selection process and overall program.


    Generasi GIGIH 3.0 is coming soon!














    Mohammad Naufal
    Generasi GIGIH 1.0 Alumni

    Generasi GIGIH provides basic technological knowledge including the right way of thinking. Makes me more agile to adapt using various tools wherever I work in the future.

    Maharani Inas
    Generasi GIGIH 1.0 Alumni

    Before joining the GIGIH Generation, I had no idea what my career path was like. But now, after following the path of the Generasi GIGIH Data Analyst track, I understand better what I need to learn and prepare for a career as a Data Analyst. What's more, I can even experience internship so I know better how work life is like.

    Hendrik Lesmana
    Generasi GIGIH 1.0 Alumni

    Joining Generasi GIGIH gave me an idea of the technology found in the professional world. It makes me more confident to jump in as I am equipped with a growth mindset, hard skills, and relationships that I have here.

    Nadya Fauziah
    Generasi GIGIH 1.0 Alumni

    Generasi GIGIH provide me an opportunity to learn more about data. Generasi GIGIH's vision was also aligned with my doubts at the time, which was the opportunity to have a career in data even though I am still new to data. The program taught me to have a growth mindset, and to think broadly. This is really helpful for me as a future data analyst to see data from a broad perspective.

    Pascalis Reinard Rickyputra
    Generasi GIGIH 2.0 Alumni

    Just within 6 months, I was able to gain so much knowledge on the essential soft skills and hard skills. Joining Generasi GIGIH is one of my best life decisions because I am now confident to enter the tech industry as a future-ready tech talent.

    Generasi GIGIH 2.0 Alumni

    Generasi GIGIH was an opportunity for me to develop my soft and hard skills as a Data Analyst. Through its Internship program, I have learned to adapt into the industry and have earned many opportunities to manage projects that directly contribute to the company. I am so grateful to be part of Generasi GIGIH 2.0!

    Edward Suryaputra
    Generasi GIGIH 2.0 Alumni

    Generasi GIGIH is like a fast-track for my career switch, as I was transitioning from being a researcher to an engineer. With its hands-on learning method, Generasi GIGIH provided beginners like me an opportunity to learn to code and apply it during an internship program, if we can perform well during our learning period. I was able to secure a part-time job at a reputable company at the end of my internship, and this is not possible without Generasi GIGIH to open the door to this possibility. Super amazing! I can not find other study programs as excellent and impactful as Generasi GIGIH!

    Kori Isabella Hutabarat
    Generasi GIGIH 2.0 Alumni

    After joining Generasi GIGIH 2.0 program, I feel more confident as a future tech talent due to the significant increase of holistic knowledge the program offers - from tech skills, soft skills, to English language. I appreciate the mentors who share about their real experiences in the tech industry, which helped me to visualize what I need to prepare to be a future-ready tech talent, like building my portfolio. Really LOVE how everyone is so supportive and always willing to share their knowledge!


    Industry Partner

    You are a corporate/startup that needs technology talent. Willing to provide 3 months internship experience to backend, frontend engineer or data analyst.


    You are an individual who is passionate about sharing knowledge and mentoring thousands of aspiring young Indonesian technology talents.


    Don't waste your experiences and skills! You can be a changemaker as a tech talent for your communities and the environment.

    Check out how YABB with Catalyst Changemakers Ecosystem implement technology for the greater good of our environment!

    Be inspired on how to make an impact
    as a tech talent!




    Generasi GIGIH 2.0 is part of Kampus Merdeka's Independent Study program.

    Registrants who are still an active university student ranging from semester 5 to 8 at higher studies and regiistered at PDDikti, are ellible to register at Kampus MErdeka platform (23 December 2021 until 20 January 2022).

    For those who have graudated from university (including those not listed at PDDikti) and SMK, you can register directly on our platform starting 27 December 2021 until 31 January 2022. All future participants, regardless of where they register, will go through the same selection process and learning programs.

    First, you have to see if you meet the Merdeka Campus criteria or not. If you are an active student in semesters 5-8, register directly on the Merdeka Campus platform, for those who are not included, you can register directly on the Generasi GIGIH platform. Second, registering from any platform will still require you to go through the registration process and a test on Kalibrr. There are 2 priority tests, namely Basic Programming Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. Third, if you pass the selection, you will receive an offer from Generasi GIGIH, and you need to accept the offer so that your registration is confirmed.

    The selection process for registration through the Merdeka Campus has been running since December 2021. Registration closes on January 20 and will be announced a few days after you register, so you have time to enter this program as your 20 credits.

    Please include a letter of recommendation from your campus, but this can follow after registration.

    Generasi GIGIH is free for all participants who pass the selection because the entire program is funded by the Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa and Kampus Merdeka. There are zero fees to be incurred by participants from registration stage until program completion. However, you must provide your own computer and internet connection because all activities will be held remotely.

    Yes, you can. You need to confirm via email to programs@anakbangsabisa.org indicating your Kampus Merdeka ID, NIM, and a statement letter. However this process will take time.

    The syllabus will be distributed at the end of January. Wait for an email from GenerasiGIGIH

    Criteria to Join

    Because the learning process takes 12 hours per week, GIGIH Generation participants cannot work in any form (internship/contract/part-time/permanent) so that you can focus on the program.

    You can register through the public channel. Because the Kampus Merdkea program is only for those who are still active students during the program.

    You can't, because we will directly map the registrants based on the tracks that have been selected.

    Generasi GIGIH can be followed by all parties from any major. Please take the registration test for this program to know your readiness to learn technology.

    If you have a background in Computer Science and the like, you will be prioritized in the selection process.

    Yes, you can. If you are a vocational high school graduate and have not yet enrolled in a university, you can register via Generasi GIGIH registration platform. If you are currently in semester 5-8, you can register via Kampus Merdeka registration platform.

    Because the learning process takes 12 hours per week, the GIGIH Generation participants cannot be in a state of running lecture classes that are still crowded so that you can focus on the program.

    If you want to register through Kampus Merdeka, there is a requirement that you have to be a student at semester 5-8.

    We open opportunities for anyone to be involved in the program. If you are a company/startup, please register as an industry partner, and if you are an individual, you can join as a contributor (mentor/instructor).

    Interns must be assigned a project lasting 3 months. The internship project plan is written in the proposal and sent to YABB no later than February 14, 2022

    Program Journey

    There is an Onboarding stage to prepare you for the whole journey. The Learning Stage where you will learn in a virtual classroom. The final stage is where you practice the knowledge you gained through a capstone project or internship.

    If you are officially a participant, you can follow the entire program from the beginning to the end, because there is no elimination.

    If you resign in the middle of the program, your access to all learning materials in this program will be taken away and you will not get a Progate, Cakap, or Generasi GIGIH certificate. In the future, you will not be prioritized in other YABB programs.

    In the final stage, you will practice the knowledge you have gained for 3 months through 2 pathways:

    Capstone project (a project you will work on using an industry-relevant case) or internship. Whatever path you take later, it will be counted into the converted 20 credits.

    The process of determining this path will have an assessment later. Details will be announced during onboarding.

    No. We will use an online platform so there is no need for certain specifications for the devices used for the learning process. Make sure there is an internet connection when doing the learning process.

    During the Learning Stage, you will spend at least 12 hours per week following the class schedule on weekdays.

    During the internship, you will work a full day at YABB's industrial partners following the specified working hours.

    Therefore, this program is recommended for those of you who are not working professionally in other companies or active students who do not need to attend college classes (because they have converted 20 credits to this program).

    Virtual face-to-face classes on weekday afternoons. We avoid classes on weekends.

    Of course! You will get paid during your internship. Details about the amount of salary will only be notified by industry partners.

    Kampus Merdeka participants will receive pocket money from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    You will work full time at YABB's industry partners under the supervision of a mentor from YABB. During the internship, you will be given a real project that you will work on as a team. You must present your project in a showcase which will be attended by YABB mentors and industry partners regularly. This showcase will be one of the parameters for your assessment of your graduation in the program, along with how well you applied what you learned in the program in your project.

    You will get a program graduation certificate from Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa. The certificate will state the competencies you have received.

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