Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa (YABB) is the impact-driven non-profit organization of the GoTo Group, established to enable ecosystems to push boundaries in creating meaningful and sustainable impact.

Embracing the power of technology and innovation, upholding the spirit of Gotong Royong (collaboration), and driving paradigm shift by enabling the mind, YABB to create sustainable impact in water access, waste in water, hydrometereological disaster response & resilience, and employability in technology.

Our activities are initiated both internally, in the GoTo ecosystem, and in partnership with the private and
public sector.


In the act of creating impact, we're committed to creating shared value and meaningful social, environmental, and economic impact, today and

We are moving together hand in hand with SDGs, aiming at bridging the education and digital literacy divide, solving issues pertaining to water, waste and circularity, building resilience towards disaster, and supporting economies by improving employability and enabling future ready talent.

We focus on our commitment, striving, and persevering for a goal, despite setbacks and challenges.

Bhinneka Lab

Our commitment is to realize a world where every Indonesian can thrive and contribute to the community. We aim to achieve this by designing science-backed tools, products and services to remove the barriers for the marginlaized to thrive in the future.

We believe that anyone can be a changemaker, despite of their background life situations.

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Generasi GIGIH

Our commitment is to expedite digital transformation in Indonesia via tech talents as the engine for socio-economic growth

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Catalyst Changemakers Ecosystem

Our commitment is to champion access to decent drinking water, reduce waste in water, and to reduce socio-economic vulnerability due to hydrometeorological disasters.

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Mentor Fellowship

Our commitment is to provide a network for passionate tech professionals to find their tribe; a platform to network, channel knowledge and share experience for positive impact.

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COVID Response

We were committed to help vulnerable communities bounce back stronger by improving their digital literacy where access to technology was limited, making medical oxygen supply accessible for all, and fulfilling their essential needs for livelihood.

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Disaster Relief

When disasters strike, communities rise up. We commit to stand by communities and honor their courage and resilience by responding to disasters involving all of our partners and beneficiaries in the spirit of gotong-royong.

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We envision a future where societies thrive. We take our journey with multisector stakeholders, we collaborate to empower progress together. We admire the tenacity and resilience of our beneficiaries, and we continue to learn from them and their struggles every day. To know more, read our latest news,also powerful and meaningful stories below.